Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Charter Membership Campaign Extended

Back in June, the IASC Alumni Association began a push to become a full fledged organization.  We sent out a call asking former students and current and former advisors to become part of this organization and make our dream become a reality.  While we have received nearly two dozen membership forms to date, we realize that the current economy does not always allow for this type of discretionary spending.  Further, our goal was to include as many people who wanted to be involved and not exclude those who did not currently have the time or money to give. 

With that in mind we have decided to extend our Charter Membership campaign into the next year.  That campaign will now run until May 31, 2011.  The cost to join as a Charter Member remains $25.  This price will increase after that date. We are still not sure exactly how much the rate will increase, but it would not be fair to those who signed up early to go back on our promise. 

Benefits of Charter Membership
Listed as a Charter Member of the IASC Alumni Association
Membership Certificate
Small Token of Gratitude
More to come in the future...

Your membership fees will allow the alumni organization to start projects, initiatives, scholarships, and events to keep the IASC strong. The IASC Alumni Association will be using funds to start the IASC Alumni Association, to set up the organization as an official non-profit group, to help pay for the upkeep of the IASC archives, and the creation of a scholarship program for worthy high school students for workshops or college.  At this stage we are attempting to do as much as we can for free to mitigate costs by using free communication avenues, and tap resources of those affiliated with the IASC in the past.

As previously noted in the initial post introducing the Charter Membership program there are a number of avenues in which someone may be a potential member of the IASC Alumni Association. Here is a list of ways to qualify as a potential member of the IASC Alumni Association:
  • Former State Officers
  • Former District Officers
  • Former IASC Workshop Particpants
  • Former IASC Summer Workshop Junior and Senior Staff
  • Former Delegates and Honor Delegates to State Conventions
  • Former National Conference Participants
  • Former Region V/Lead Conference Participants
  • Advisors (Past and Present)
As before, becoming a member is easy, just click here to download the membership form and send it in!

Don't wait until the last minute. Join now!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Workshop Classic - The Shopping Bag Lady

The Shopping Bag Lady by Bert Salzman - Award Winning Video; Set In Manhattan's Central Park, this film is the poignant story of a teenage girl's encounter with a homeless old woman (movingly portrayed by distinguished actress Mildred Dunnock) who carries all her belongings around in shopping bags. This encounter eventually leads to the girl's understanding of the problems of aging and the dignity of all individuals, regardless of their place in society. AWARDS: Columbus Film Festival: "Golden Chris Award" and "President's Award " for "Best Film in Festival" Special Prize, International Year Of The Child, American Library Association. Notable children's films awards: American, Birmingham , Chicago and Columbus Film Festivals. Director: Bert Salzman; Producer: Bert Salzman; public domain video.

Dear Friends,
The " Bert Salzman collection of classic 16mm educational films have recently been saved from extinction and are now available for viewing on the Internet Archive. Link: http://www.archive.org/search.php?que...

The films originally made in the early 1970's as human values films for social study classes include the (Academy Award winner Angel And Big Joe and Geronimo Jones (which premiered at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City). In his films Bert Salzman tries to instill hope and love into the hearts of young people. His message always was: "Have hope, go deep into your self; You are more than you think you are!".

The Internet Academic Archive is now hosting all of the Bert Salzman Collection and links to the entire collection can be found below. If you enjoy these films please forward this letter to your friends especially educators. From the beginning It has always been Bert's dream, his goal- that his films find their way into every school in this very troubled world and perhaps change it for the better-even in a small way. Bert thanks you in advance for your help in achieving this goal.

Origin Of films: ***
The early to mid-1970s were truly heady times for the educational film world. Fueled by the Johnson administration's "Great Society" philosophy, educational programs embraced themes of ethnic awareness and diversity, and school districts nationwide began demanding professional quality 16mm films that both encouraged and provoked classroom discussion. Learning Corporation of America, was a prime source for these types of films, and the maker of several of its most profound and dynamic films was Bert Salzman. Salzman was already a successful artist before embarking on a career as a filmmaker. In 1970, Linda Gottlieb of LCA asked him to choose three ethnic groups as focal points for his first LCA films. The films he did for LCA eventually ran to eight, including Oscar-winning Angel & Big Joe. Salzman infused each of these films which he wrote and directed with elements essential to great film of any genre: pathos, passion, and humor. Posted with permission from Bert Salzman.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Archives Quest Of The Month - Summer Workshop Pictures

The IASC Summer Workshop was first held in 1952 at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Since that first workshop nearly 60 years ago the program has affected the lives of thousands of young leaders from all over the State of Illinois.

One of the ways the program affected people were through the friendships and contacts made during that workshop week. Most years the delegates attending the workshop were given a directory of those people in attendance as well as a picture of their group. Also, if someone served as a Junior or Senior Counselor that person typically received a picture of the staff for that week too.
IASC Summer Workshop - Millikin University, Decatur, IL - July 1991 - 2nd week - Staff
Back Row L-R: Colin Black, Darin Henderson, Christopher Phelps, Arric Ploch, Sara Ulbrich, PJ Gibbons, Angel Atterbury. Middle Row L-R: Unk, Jim Connolly, Mark Massey, Ben Guyot, Shara Rosenow, Donna Marie Stupple, Jenny Softley, Sharon Olson, Jack Shelton, Scott Allen. Front Row L-R: Mark Poettgen, Hank Clark, Ralph Wurster, Tracy Coleman, Pat Boeldt, Kim Stash, Berve Power, Scott Montgomery, Gary Clark. Kneeling: Gary ZumMallen

After retrieving the Executive Director's files from Hank Clark's widow, Faith, we received a large collection of these pictures from Summer Workshop. Most of these pictures dated from 1990 to 2004. Later, we also borrowed the collection of pictures from longtime advisor Ben Guyot which spanned 1977 to 2002. We scanned those pictures and further added to the collection. These are many of the pictures that you might have seen posted on the IASC Alumni Association Facebook page.

Now we need your help!

Please look through your scrapbooks to see if you can find your picture from the IASC Summer Workshop. If you have the ability to scan the picture please send us a high quality scan for our archives. If you do not have the capability to scan please let us know what you have and we can work something out to get the picture.

IASC Summer Workshop - McKendree College, Lebanon, IL - August 1973 - ? Week - Staff
Top row L-R: Ron Ganchinietz, unk, Bob Frost, Ed Phelps, Monty Stubblefield, Terry Orton
2nd row L-R: Mike Passalacqua, Scott Bergey, Bert Jones, Paul Eber, Vickie Aleck, Father Bob Buday
3rd row L-R: Tom Miofsky, Al Willer, Bruce Metge, Judy Sedaitis, Terry Bajt, Blair Briscoe
Bottom row L-R: Jim Fitzgerald, Karen Greer, Sue Ash, Paula Pintoy, Teresa Lane, Karen Anderson, Peggy Keil

We are especially looking for pictures from the following decades -- 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. Please don't be embarrassed by how you look as we all have some goofy pictures in these files; it's just not you. So go and dig through the scrapbooks and see what you can find!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Workshop Classic - Cipher In The Snow - Part 2

Presenting part two of a classic film from the IASC Advanced Workshop!

When a teenage boy dies unexpectedly, his math teacher is asked to notify the parents and write the obituary. Although he was the boy's favorite teacher, he hardly knew him. Shy and ostracized, the boy was considered a "cipher"--an unknown number in a class roll book. As the teacher unravels the mystery of what led to the boy's death, he commits himself to not letting others suffer the same fate.

DISCLAIMER: I claim no ownership to this video. All content belongs to the original owners and creators, Brigham Young University. No copyright infringement intended. © 1973, Brigham Young University. A copy of this with other short film classics on DVD can be bought here: http://creativeworks.byu.edu/Catalog/...

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Workshop Classic - Cipher In The Snow - Part 1

Presenting a classic film from the IASC Advanced Workshop!

When a teenage boy dies unexpectedly, his math teacher is asked to notify the parents and write the obituary. Although he was the boy's favorite teacher, he hardly knew him. Shy and ostracized, the boy was considered a "cipher"--an unknown number in a class roll book. As the teacher unravels the mystery of what led to the boy's death, he commits himself to not letting others suffer the same fate.

Hey, all you leaders--check back tomorrow for part two of the story - same time, same place!

DISCLAIMER: I claim no ownership to this video. All content belongs to the original owners and creators, Brigham Young University. No copyright infringement intended. © 1973, Brigham Young University. A copy of this with other short film classics on DVD can be bought here: http://creativeworks.byu.edu/Catalog/...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Charter Membership Ranks Growing

A seed has been planted and now there are signs that something significant is beginning to take root. Charter membership applications are starting to arrive as we get more excited about the prospects of a successful organization.

In my discussions with alumni over the years I have yet to find someone tell me that the IASC did not have an impact on their life in some way. I find it interesting that my response was always positive about the prospects of a reunion or a formal alumni association.

Have you joined yet? We want you to be part of this new organization! The difference will be to experience leadership in a new light and from a more experienced perspective.

Have You Talked To Your Advisor Lately?

A couple of days ago I talked by phone to former student council advisor Richard O'Dair. Many of you will not remember this name from your days involved with the Illinois Association of Student Councils. Mr. O'Dair was an advisor at Lake Forest H.S. and at another H.S. (I didn't understand what he said) for a total of 35 years.

The IASC Executive Board presented Mr. O'Dair with the Illinois Award at the 1980 State Convention. The Illinois Award is the highest Honor the IASC can bestow on any individual. The award is offered in recognition of outstanding service to the organization and the students of Illinois.

I had called Mr. O'Dair to ask if he had any pictures or documents from his days in the IASC. During the course of our conversation he said he is currently 90 years of age. To my question about pictures or documents O'Dair said "I am writing this down because at my age you tend to forget." He said that he would have to go through some boxes that he has as he has no idea where this sort of stuff might be located. Then he took my number and said he would get back to me in a couple of days.

This entire exchange put a smile on my face made me think about my grandparents who would be 94 this year. My grandmother wrote down everything!

Then, I began thinking about what we would have done without our advisors. They sacrificed their free time before school, after school and weekends to teach us something besides the standard subjects taught at school. Furthermore, they stood up for us to the Principal or administration, challenged us to be creative, and drove us all over the state to workshops, conventions and meetings. Advisors helped us campaign for office then celebrated our victories and bemoaned our losses. They became de-facto counselors, dished out discipline when needed, and reminded us to call our parents.

If you haven't done so in a while you should call or write your former student council advisor and see how they are doing, wish them a happy birthday, or send a Christmas card. Put aside a few minutes and reconnect! I'm sure they will appreciate the quick message from an old friend.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Benchmark for IASC Alumni Group On Facebook

In 2008, on a whim I decided to start an IASC Alumni group on Facebook. That group has now reached 325 members! This may not seem like much as there were over 300 members a few months ago, but lately the goal of finding people to add to the group has been put aside somewhat to begin working on the details of a formal IASC Alumni Association.

For years I had been trying to start an IASC Alumni Association by using the Internet, phone, e-mail and word of mouth to find people. While I found plenty of people over time, the effort never got very far with only one person to keep up the search. However, when more people became interested in the concept the idea had merit again. Last November, Teresa Lane asked me to make a presentation to the 2009-10 IASC Executive Board about formally creating an Alumni Association. Now, eight months later here we are already with some significant accomplishments:  a successful initial IASC reunion, a registered organization with the State of Illinois, a website, and some official members.

The slowly increasing number of people joining the Facebook group demonstrates that IASC alumni are still finding the organization organically. There are obviously many more alumni out there to be found. While this organization wants to find those people, we also hope that some of them find us through this site and through the main IASC page.

Again, if you are reading this page we welcome and encourage your comments on this post or any others on the site. We want to know your thoughts about how the organization affected you in the past and how we might affect you or others in the future. Please vote on our poll to the right of the page about when to have the next IASC reunion. Finally, the Charter Membership phase of the organization has started and we would like to encourage you to join us now!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Your Memories Of The IASC Summer Workshop

This past week the IASC held the annual Summer Workshop program at Millikin University in Decatur, IL.  Most, if not all of you, reading this post have attended Summer Workshop in the past.  As reported on the IASC Facebook page, this year 46 students, 4 adults, and 15 staff members all made the 2010 Summer Workshop a great success. 

If you have been to the IASC Alumni Association page on Facebook you have certainly seen the large collection of pictures from the Summer Workshop throughout the years. However, you may remember that the numbers of delegates were much larger when you attended the workshop. That is one of the obstacles this organization is trying to help the IASC overcome.

The IASC Summer Workshop has been held every year since 1952. Colleges and Universities around the State of Illinois have been home to the workshop since its inception. The first Summer Workshop was held at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Some of the other locations have been: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Monticello Seminary (now Lewis & Clark Community College), McKendree College, Rockford College, and Millikin University.

We would like to hear your memories of the IASC Summer Workshop throughout the years!  Please use the comment section below to share your memories.